Backend Developer for On Demand Web Scraper

last updated March 13, 2024 22:02 UTC
We are an e-commerce intelligence tool. We are looking for an experienced backend developer to help us build a third-party web scraper and implement it into an on-demand scraper API.

Key Responsibilities

  • Develop an API controller as part of our Supabase Edge Functions using Deno and Typescript.
  • Design and implement a scalable scraper capable of running multiple processes and handling account details.
  • Ensure the scraper supports cookie refreshing and login management.
  • Plan and execute the integration of the scraper with our existing systems, ensuring scalability and load balancing.
Tech Stack
  • Supabase Edge Functions
  • Typescript
  • Puppeteer
  • Deno
Budget and Duration:
We are open to discussing and adjusting these based on your expert assessment. If we can work greatly together, this could result in a full-time position.
Use the link below and fill out the quick survey!
Please apply with details of your relevant experience, particularly highlighting your expertise in developing similar tools. Include any past work that showcases your ability to deliver a project of this scale and complexity.
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