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Up2staff is a simple board for remote jobs. We aim to display only such jobs that meet our definition of being truly remote. We have new postings every day from many different areas. We pay a great deal of attention to the quality and validity of the postings.

How do we define a “truly remote”?

A genuinely remote job should not require a person to be present at a specific location regularly. There is no strict line between what is “regularly” and what is not. However, we do not consider a job that requires physical presence more often than once in a quarter the right fit.

Besides the skills requirements and language skills, there can still be valid location-like requirements set by some companies. These may limit your eligibility, even though the “truly remote” test is met. Some examples:

– timezone location / workhours overlap (not only able to work specific hours, but sometimes to live or ability to move to the timezones)

– citizenship / jurisdiction rights (able to work legally in the US, EU, other specific countries)

We very much prefer longer-term jobs. There is no minimum duration we require. However, we would like the jobs posted on this site to be at least three months long and involve 20+ hours of work per week.

Why are we doing it?

We love remote work’s fundamental freedom, the freedom to choose a place from where you work. The decision “who do I want to work for” is separate from “where do I want to work” – a profound change in the process. We believe there is plenty of room for improvement in this market. We thrive on bringing clarity, simplicity, and excellent service.

Rules of the House

There is no limit on the number of job alerts user can set up. Alerts are email-based.

For job listings, we have straightforward pricing as per the below:

€  79.00 – 1 month 1 job recurring
€  99.00 – 1 job for 30 days
€ 169.00 – 1 job for 60 days
€ 249.00 – 1 job for 90 days
€ 399.00 – 1 job for 180 days
€ 599.00 – 1 job for 360 days
€ 349.00 – 5 jobs 30 days each
€ 499.00 – 5 jobs 60 days each
€ 699.00 – 5 jobs 90 days each
€ 1099.00 – 5 jobs 180 days each
€ 1499.00 – 5 jobs 360 days each

You can find more details about the rules we follow in our Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.

Who are we?

The owner of this site is a company called eWORK s.r.o. – registered in the Czech Republic under Commercial ID No: 25851900. You can contact us at admin@up2staff.com. Up2staff is a registered trademark under EUIPO and in the UK.

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