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last updated July 20, 2024 1:08 UTC

About DebugBear

DebugBear helps companies monitor and optimize the speed of their websites. Typical users of our product are front-end developers, technical SEOs, and business owners.

We’re looking for someone who wants to develop a deep understanding of web performance and create technical content on this topic. For example, you could write an in-depth guide on how to optimize the Largest Contentful Paint metric or investigate the impact Chrome extensions have on website performance.

DebugBear is a small business with two people currently working full time. You will be working directly with the founder and have a big impact on how we grow and reach more customers.

DebugBear is fully remote, but we expect at least 4 hours of overlap with UK work hours.

About the role

You will:

  • Write articles on web performance
  • Interpret the results of web performance tests
  • Improve existing content and keep it up to date
As part of writing an article, you might:
  • Discuss ideas for new articles
  • Research the topic and what has been written about it across the web
  • Create a test website to experiment with a browser feature
  • Write a script that runs Lighthouse tests on 100 URLs in a CSV
  • Create an outline, write the article, and add a screenshot to illustrate the article
  • Make edits in response to feedback
At its core, this is a growth marketing role, but we deeply value high-quality technical content. For more examples of the type of articles you might work on, check out the https://www.debugbear.com/blog and site speed documentation.

Depending on business needs and the work you like to do, you may also:

  • Build free tools for testing site performance
  • Support customers with web performance problems
  • Maintain product documentation
  • Create videos if that’s something you’re interested in
There’s a lot of flexibility in this role and we’ll discuss what you’re looking for as part of the interview process.

About you

  • Front-end development experience
  • Experience writing technical articles
  • Excellent written English
  • Communicate frequently and proactively
  • Experience optimizing site speed and Core Web Vitals
  • Basic design skills to create graphics and diagrams to illustrate the content (example) or to create Open Graph images

What we offer

  • Fully remote
  • 30 days off a year
Apply info ->

To apply for this job, please visit dynamitejobs.com

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