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This position focuses mainly on the geopolitics of the world. The role sits in the geopolitics team within the policy and politics division. We generate analysis that shapes public debate, enhances the work of client government and supports partnerships that improve people’s lives.
This role will contribute to the institute’s policy on a wide range of geopolitical issues related to domestic politics, foreign policy, trade, security, risk and developments, and what they mean for regional and global trends.
Applicants should have a deep interest and some experience in researching international relations defense and security policies. They should be self-motivated and happy to work independently on their own but also harmoniously in a team as needed. Applicants should also possess good writing and research skills with an attitude and interest in in-depth research in a relevant field.

Key Responsibilities

• Work remotely and part-time, Submit analysis reports on a regular basis.
• Deploy a range of research methodologies to produce original, forward-looking analyses for leaders a clients on global, regional and country-specific issues.
• Deliver a combination of impact, assessment and private briefing papers for client governments and bespoke consultancy projects for individual leaders and governments to help assess the pact of emerging trends.
• Use data, files and expert insight to develop innovative but practical policy recommendations for governments and policymakers on how best to assess and respond to geopolitical developments and technological changes.
• Present the Institute’s point of view in external meetings and conferences and support serer leaders in the Institute in their external engagements.
Person Specification
The ideal candidate will be eager to combine their international affairs expertise with analytical judgment to generate well-evidenced, original and yet practical reports. The successful candidate will have:
• Ideal academic background in international relations, politics, area studies, political economy or equivalent.
• Conduct independent research and analysis on international relations issues and present research reports or materials.
• Working experience in international organizations, governmental institutions, defense areas or related consulting firms.
• Working experience in a think tank consultancy or academia on global and regional trade and their impact on domestic and international public study, trade and economic shifts, climate and technological developments.
• Strong analytical capabilities and track record of producing high-quality, insightful analysis.
• Familiar with government, NGOs, and bilateral or multilateral organizations, and understanding of international development issues presented.
• A network of global contacts in government, academia policymaking and defense areas.
• Experience in working with and advising political leaders and senior decision-makers.
• Strategics, entrepreneurial and able to drive forward with minimal oversight.
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