Mathematics Data Labeling

last updated May 14, 2024 14:01 UTC

Time zones: EST (UTC -5), CST (UTC -6), MST (UTC -7), PST (UTC -8), AKST (UTC -9), HST (UTC -10)

We are looking for a number of people that hold or are currently working towards undergraduate/graduate degrees in Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, and other Hard Sciences. We are looking for people who can work ~20 hours/week (and up to 40 hours/week). Pay for this project is extremely competitive!
The work that you do will be used for an AI research project. You will be asked to solve math problems + provide detailed feedback on presented solutions to math problems. Work for this project will start right away and will continue till the end of the year. Hours are flexible — you can work whenever you’d like as long as you clock in at least 20 hours/week.
If your resume is a fit, you will be asked to completed a diagnostic test which you will be compensated for!
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