Experienced Editorial Assistant

last updated February 17, 2024 13:38 UTC
Job Description
We are looking for an assistant editor to join the Quality Nonsense team. You will be helping our Editor create content for https://commodity.com and https://hotdog.com. This process involves researching topics and writing and editing posts.

Task Examples
  • For any given site, determine the audience for the site and the average length of blog posts or articles on it.
  • Run a Google site search for terms of interest to us like “movies” or “oil.”
  • Find competitors for a given website and then perform a content gap analysis between two sites.
  • Write a creative brief for a listicle that targets a particular website.
About us
https://hotdog.com provides information for cord-cutters — people who are abandoning cable and satellite TV. Most of this content deals with streaming services like Disney+ and Sling TV. But we also discuss antennas and related technologies. And we write a lot about what is on TV — including movies, shows, and sports.

https://commodity.com reviews online commodities brokers, teaches beginning traders about commodities and provides other basic trading information. You don’t need trading experience but you will need to become familiar with the pages on this site.

You will have the opportunity to join a team working remotely for more than 10 years, across 8 different countries. Over the last decade of working remotely, we’ve developed unique processes, systems and ways of working that help us get things done (both on time and of the quality we expect of ourselves).

We use a few popular tools you may have used before:-
  • Slack, for teamwork and day-to-day chat
  • Google Docs/Google Sheets for collaborative documents
  • WordPress to power our sites
  • Trello to keep organized and meet deadlines
  • Native English speaker, bilingual, or fluent English (we work in US English, but you can be based anywhere).
  • Beginning to intermediate understanding of SEO, Gap analysis, Keywords
  • Google site search and other online research & fact-checking skills
  • Google Sheets – filtering, sorting, basic formulas, creating reports
  • Accurate data entry
Requirements for everyone joining our team:
  • Excellent communicator (remote work is otherwise impossible)
  • Willing to follow instructions (eg, how to invoice correctly)
  • Happy working solo (ie, without micromanaging or nagging)
  • Well organized (ie, deadlines get met, without excuses or exceptions)
  • Rock steady reliable – your word is your bond
  • Will work our way – it will differ from your past experience
  • Introverts will thrive in our team (we do have the odd extrovert too)
Helpful to have:
  • WordPress knowledge
  • Basic HTML
  • Writing creative briefs for writers
Pay & Workload
We pay well/fast, and presently have as much work as you can handle.

Rates vary in line with your commitment. You will get paid monthly in US dollars (by wire transfer).

We are looking for a commitment of 20+ hours/week. There are no set hours, and you can work when you choose in any time zone and in any location – provided you meet deadlines. Did we mention how important delivering to deadline is…?

We don’t micro-manage; you will be expected to meet deadlines without exception, and without us hassling you.
Sound like a good fit?
We’d love to hear from you!
We’ve set up a quick typeform survey to collect your details and resume – it should take no more than 10 minutes to complete.
Apply info ->

To apply for this job, please visit qnl.typeform.com

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