Junior Product Manager

last updated May 13, 2024 1:19 UTC
Castr is a one-stop SaaS broadcasting platform that enables everyone in the media industry to take their video content a step further.

We are looking for a Junior Product Manager to join our team to build marvellous new features and improve the reliability of our systems as we rapidly scale our product and organization.

As a Junior Product Manager, you will work closely with our Product Manager and assist in the product management process from ideation to the development and release of new products. Your role will be to support our Product Manager with day-to-day responsibilities, to assist with product portfolio projects, and to help build strong partnerships by working cross-functionally with other departments within the company…

Responsible for

  • Product Release Planning: Support product manager to work cross-functionally with internal teams (product, marketing, customer experience, sales, etc.) to define tactical product release plans, produce supporting documentation, materials and/or artifacts.
  • Pre-Release Testing: Work closely with engineering and QA teams to define clear user test cases for new integration product and feature releases. Assist with performing functional tests to validate new products and features perform as expected and identify flaws before release.
  • Customer Launches: Support product manager to partner with marketing and customer support teams to facilitate release of new products to early-adopt customers. This includes contributing to or leading customer demos, gathering user feedback, and assisting with product training sessions for internal teams.
  • Post-Release Iteration: Assist with conducting user discovery sessions to gather post-release feedback and feature improvements. Help synthesize feedback and feature requests into a backlog of actionable work items with clear requirements. Partner with other internal teams to review and prioritize the most impactful items.
  • Bottom Line: In this role, you are responsible for making new product releases successful and delivering great outcomes.
  • Have 2 – 3 years of experience in building software products.
  • Excellent interpersonal relations skills; clear and concise verbal and written communicator
  • Demonstrated organizational skills, proven ability to deliver time-sensitive projects on time with positive outcomes
  • Welcomes solving problems with a positive attitude, teamwork, and innovation
  • Entrepreneurial approach – a high degree of autonomy and self-motivation
  • Natural curiosity and willingness to learn, whether it’s new technical skills or understanding of client-specific requests
  • Experience with building live streaming software, SAAS (both normal SAAS and API-as-a-service) is highly desirable.
Our flexible and distributed environment lets us work with the best people from around the world. Our teams are from 6+ countries and continue growing.

We offer:

  • Competitive salary and bonus program
  • Healthcare insurance coverage
  • Annual learning stipend for use on courses, conferences, and more—your choice
  • Annual all-company retreats
  • We encourage at least 2 weeks off each year, in addition to locally recognized holidays.
  • Opportunity to travel abroad for conferences
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To apply for this job, please visit form.typeform.com

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