About Airdev
For many decades, to build custom software, you had to know a coding language. Now, with no-code platforms like Bubble, you can build high-quality software products visually, without writing a single line of code.
Airdev is the original, largest, and highest rated no-code development agency. We contract with a global network of top talent no-code developers, PMs, and designers across 20+ countries that have built hundreds of applications for clients ranging from one-person startups to Fortune 100 enterprises.
In addition to contractors using no-code, we’ve also developed a world-class process and support tooling that enables them to collaborate seamlessly across the globe and build projects for clients in weeks instead of months, for a fraction of the cost.
About the Product Manager role
Product Managers translate client vision into concrete product specifications to deliver real value, and manage a remote team toward successful execution.
Our model offers a new spin on the PM position – remote and flexible, with a much higher throughput than traditional PM positions. This means that people in this position have the opportunity to define and execute on dozens of full-stack products each year, thus accelerating their learning and impact.
Their specific responsibilities include:
  • Discuss the project with the client and determine what functionality is needed
  • Help the client think through their different options, corner cases, and simplest ways to build something
  • Research answers to technical questions that involve API integrations or complex workflows
  • Put together detailed specifications based on the project requirements as well as our standards
  • Manage the development and design teams to execute on the project, providing feedback and guidance as needed
  • Help the client iterate on the product based on data, development best practices, and customer feedback
  • Senior PMs also mentor and guide other PMs in their work.
Things we look for
We value a mix of hard and soft skills, as well as alignment to our core values, in all of our people. Some specific qualities for this role include:
  • Analytical & client-facing experience: Ideal candidates should have 3+ years of experience in a role that is both highly analytical and client-facing, such as management consulting, finance, or product management. Senior level candidates should have 7+ years of relevant experience.
  • Excellent communication skills: Product Managers spend a large portion of their time interacting with clients, so they should be very clear and structured in both verbal and written communication. Senior PMs also have an opportunity to mentor and coach other PMs in their work, so experience and skills in these areas is a plus for senior level candidates.
  • Interest in no-code: Ideal candidates should be passionate about the disruptive potential of no-code, and the opportunity it creates to reinvent the traditional agency model to create the new standard.
  • Product sense and commitment to simplicity: We see a large range of ideas and Product Managers should be able to quickly figure out the simplest way to turn those ideas into products, no matter what the industry or application.
  • Analytical skills: Designing high quality software can be logically complex, so the ideal candidates should be very strong conceptual and logical thinkers.
  • Time management and being task-oriented: We work with lots of clients at once and always stick to our deadlines, so the ideal candidates should be highly organized and diligent.
  • Enjoy intellectual & creative challenges: Finding the right technical solution to a human need is both an art and a science, and those who enjoy solving complex problems tend to be best suited for this role.
*Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at AirDev
AirDev is on a mission to make software development more accessible to diverse groups of people and organizations. We value diversity in our customers, partners and employees and are committed to creating an inclusive environment where we provide equal opportunities to all employees, partners and applicants without regard to race, religion, age, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, neurodiversity disability, or any other protected status under federal, state and local law. We strive to be a more equal opportunity workplace starting from our hiring and continuing in all parts of our organization.
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