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Overachiever? Welcome. Slow-learner? No thanks. KPI orientated? Come over here!

Sales Development Representative (SDR) – Executive Search

Since 2017, we are a remote-first boutique executive search firm specializing in serving Chief Information Officers (CIO). This means that we help CIOs to build their careers and their leadership teams with advisory or search & selection services. In other words: we’re “headhunters”.

This is great for you if you picture your mid-term future in tech sales or consulting

Because after 2 years in this job, you’ll have communicated with 100s or even a thousand CIOs around the world. You’ll know everything about how they think and make choices. This means you’ll have an easy way into any high performance sales position in the best software companies or consulting firms. You’ll also have learnt how the job market works in depth, as well as how to negotiate compensation like a professional. How does that sound?

Conditions to apply:
  • You’re happy and capable of working fully remote while following one of these timezones: CET, GMT+4 or GMT+8. This means that if you’re in Americas or Latam, we’re unlikely to take the risk of hiring you.
  • 2 years of relevant experience for a SDR position in a KPI driven business.
  • or 3-7 years of experience to qualify for a more senior position…
  • Experience in structured SDR roles within a high-caliber SaaS company…
  • or consulting experience in firms such as Deloitte, Accenture or Gartner, with a focus on CIO-related consulting.
Key Responsibilities:
  • Take full ownership of all outbound activities to generate new business opportunities, including but not limited to email campaigns, WhatsApp communications, follow-ups after calls, and utilizing CRM tools like Pipedrive for action tracking.
  • Join on calls with CIOs and other global technology leaders to learn about their mindset so you can improve your outbound messaging.
  • Execute intelligent outreach strategies to new target segments, including Vice Presidents and Senior Directors, to grow our client base and brand equity.
  • Engage in lead generation and automation processes to ensure a consistent flow of potential clients.
  • Represent our brand and services professionally, multiplying touchpoints with people in the industry to enhance brand recognition and equity.
  • Work closely with our team to develop and refine outreach strategies, contributing to the overall growth of the firm.
This opportunity is a fantastic learning journey. That said, we only open the doors to high performance individuals who can show a track record of hitting KPIs. We serve the top 5% tech leaders in the world, they deserve the best team to serve them!

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To apply for this job, please visit accounts.google.com

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