Growth Assistant (Lead Generation & Sales Assistant)

last updated November 17, 2023 13:55 UTC
Looking For
We are looking for a new team member to join ourf crew as we sail the high seas of global hospitality. We are looking for somebody who is analytic, organized and objective, with a preference for new and creative projects. Extra bonus if you are a digital nomad or living any form of a remote lifestyle! Think this might be you? Read on!
This role is in support of our lead gen process. You will be responsible for assisting us in finding, reaching out to, and eventually onboarding apartment hotels and property management groups that meet the needs of our guest demographic. Cold calls won’t be necessary as this is a purely digital role. We’ve developed a very efficient process in finding and engaging with these hotels, but of course are always open to new ideas!
This role is for the most organized of people. The person whose idea of a good day’s work means the process finished from A to Z, any smaller tasks checked off the list, everything in its proper place, and objectives for the next day already lined up.
This individual will be asked to support us in
  1. Executing our lead generation process
  2. Making recommendations for process improvement
  3. Researching key leads and providing supporting information for strategic outreach
  4. Keeping tabs on the lead process, and pushing the team towards lagging leads when needed
  5. Organizing lead response data
  6. Other lead gen tasks as needed
  7. Coordinating between growth and marketing teams, providing cross-team data as needed
  8. Uploading and updating data on our website (no dev skills needed)
  9. Bonus: The work requires no-coding skills whatsoever. However, if you are good with Python, or have experience with web scraping, this will be a big plus on your application. If not, no worries. We can provide basic training and the tools to help you grow this skill.
  1. Fluency in English
  2. Open & Growth Oriented Attitude
  3. Proficiency in google suites (or the ability to quickly learn)
  4. Eye for Detail – Aesthetic Aptitude – Qualitative Skills
  5. Reliable Internet (30 mbps Minimum)
  6. Computer with enough power to process relatively large volumes of data
  7. A collaborative persona. You don’t need to be an extrovert, but should be comfortable working in a cross-team environment.
Salary & Work Expectation
  1. Full time (30-40 hours/week, depending on your level of efficiency)
  2. Salary: $1,000 – $1,500/month, paid as a contractor (Commensurate with Experience)

  1. 4-day work week! We work Monday – Thursday. You are welcome to choose between 4 or 5 days, as it suits you.
  2. 3 weeks paid vacation after your first 6 months
  3. 5 paid family and/or sick leave days after your first 6 months (convertible to vacation days if not used)
  4. – $1,000 education credits after your first 6 months
  5. -Coursera membership
  6. Flexible working hours. Our team operates on a NYC time zone, so we ask that you make space for a few meetings a week. Outside of this, you’re welcome to change time zones and working hours as needed.
  7. Flexible choice of holidays – just let us know which country’s bank holidays you would prefer to observe. This can change from year to year, but should remain consistent within a calendar year.
  8. The ability to work from anywhere with a reliable internet connection
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To apply for this job, please email your details to sojournhostech@gmail.comtest

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