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last updated June 19, 2024 22:45 UTC
Note: We are mostly hiring outside of the US, paying $1,700-$2,500/month depending on experience.

TO APPLY, send your resume to the address below with the following:
  1. Please go to and then record a 30-second screencast describing what we do. Go to to download free software to capture your voice, video, and screen, and then send the Loom link of your screencast with your application.
  2. Please read through the paragraphs at the website (takes 5 minutes) and include your results (your type; eg. type 1, type 2, etc.) in your application.
  3. Please write about a time when you made a subtle change within your team that had a large impact on the agent’s KPIs.
About You:
You are a reliable, self-motivated person with a passion for customer service. You are cool under pressure and excellent at establishing rapport quickly, over the phone, with (mostly) senior citizens.

You are looking to join the Community Phone Family with many opportunities for advancement as you prove yourself. You are excited about working at a high-growth startup, where things can (and do) change quickly, and you must adapt.

You are observant and detail-oriented. You have strong written and verbal communication skills.

You are quick on your feet and lead from the trenches. You are a leader, but love being part of a team.

People who know you would say you are obsessed “with finding a better way”. You constantly strive to maximize efficiency and improve the customer experience. You operate with a “we are the they” mentality and are always willing to lend a hand.


· 5+ years’ experience in Customer Support, ideally in technical support
· 2+ years of experience managing a customer-facing team preferred
· Demonstrate excellent customer service contact skills through oral
and written communication
· Effective multi-tasking with the ability to follow up
· Ability to prioritize, execute and meet deadlines
· Personable and motivational personality
· Zendesk experience preferred
· Chargebee experience preferred

What you’ll be responsible for:
· Managing the ticket desk queues and scheduling the ticket
· Managing the call queues, wait times, and call back response times
· Managing and monitoring the agent KPIs: ASA, AHT, and ACW
· Serve as the subject matter expert
· Analyze call, ticket, and chat data and prepare reports as requested
· Employee Scheduling
· Provide performance feedback and performance evaluations routinely
· Maintaining and adjusting agent training to exceed customer
expectations to maximize FCR
· Handle customer escalations
· Enforcing, maintaining, and improving SOPs
· Ongoing agent coaching
· Managing upselling quotas
· Collaborate to proactively meet SLAs
· Maintain employee engagement
· Works closely with the director to ensure a high level of quality and
service is maintained
· Other duties as assigned

– We offer shifts from 40 hours a week, and we are currently open from 10 am Eastern Time to 7:00 pm Eastern Time, Monday through Sunday. NOTE: This will be expanding from 9 am Eastern Time to 9 pm Eastern Time in the future.
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