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last updated April 8, 2024 1:20 UTC
If you’re a stellar communicator who can organize and manage lots of simultaneous projects and conversations, this might be the perfect role for you. As an Account Manager, you’ll help with new client onboarding, delivery of content, and renewing our clients (marketing teams at technology startups). If you have a background in content marketing, marketing agency account management, or developer marketing/relations, you’ll have a big advantage understanding our clients and content.

Note: This is not primarily a sales role. You will primarily be maintaining and improving relationships with existing clients, but it will require significant face-time with clients and making renewals and upsells.
We’d Like Someone Who Can:
  • Understand complex technical topics at a high level (big plus if you have any past software development or developer relations experience)
  • Deliver finished work to clients based on given deadlines
  • Promptly and clearly communicate with clients and team members in excellent written and spoken English
  • Facilitate renewals and onboarding with clients
  • Understand the fundamentals of content marketing, editorial standards, and search engine optimization
  • 3+ years of account management, marketing, or related experience
  • ~40 working hours per week
  • Deliver on deadlines
  • Adhere to and improve account management processes
  • Weekly account management check-in meeting
  • Renewal meetings with clients (mostly US and EU-based) at their convenience
  • Reliable internet connection and computer
  • Flexible hours, location, and mostly asynchronous work
  • $40/hour pay rate with opportunity to move to equivalent salary ($83,200/year) and paid time off after 6 months
  • Work directly with a team of experienced Account Managers
  • Help shape the direction of a quickly growing small business
Hiring Process
  1. Submit your application (link below).
  2. You’ll complete a role playing assignment via email (will just take a few minutes).
  3. You’ll join a 30-minute Zoom call to talk about your experience and answer questions about the role.
  4. You’ll complete a 2-hour paid mock renewal exercise.
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