Call Center QA Leader

last updated November 28, 2023 2:34 UTC
Note: This is a startup. We’re growing 500%/year and our main challenge right now is ensuring that every sales call meets our high standards of excellence. We measuring pitching and listening skills, rapport-building skills, accurate data entry into our CRM and billing systems, and more. We want to hire someone who has done this before, or has significant experience doing something similar. If you have never worked at a startup, this may not be a good fit. It’s fast-paced, and we’re building everything from scratch.

About You

You know sales and you know systems. You cannot stand for anything less than high-quality customer interactions. You know how to measure, and create systems that help you continually take yourself out of the process, and put those evolving pieces into the system. You are a builder at your core, and love a complex challenge with lots of moving pieces.

What You’ll Do (Before You Build Your Team)

  • Monitor inbound & outbound calls & chats, and evaluate agents’ performance on quality of service; create reports using the (evolving) quality score for every rep, as well as highlighting potential areas for improvement
  • Monitor calls and chats, and own the associated CRM & Billing System hygiene, and overall data quality related to sales
  • Provide actionable insight (to management, and reps) on what impacts sales and what impacts churn
  • Conduct at least twelve one-hour, live, 1-1, coaching & shadowing sessions per week, to improve the performance of reps, and deliver feedback and training
  • Train new reps on the product, pricing, script, and systems
  • Track performance on a team and individual level
  • Handle systems issues, from time to time
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