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Expired Jobs:

Senior Design Recruiter (expired 3 days ago)

Senior Solutions Engineer, WooCommerce (expired 6 days ago)

Product Analytics Lead – Mobile (expired 2 weeks ago)

Mobile API Software Engineer, WooCommerce (expired 3 weeks ago)

Sr Happiness Support Engineer (expired 3 weeks ago)

Senior Analytics Engineer (expired 4 weeks ago)

Senior Product Data Analyst – Mobile (expired 1 month ago)

Developer Relations, WordPress (expired 1 month ago)

HR Wrangler (expired 2 months ago)

Senior Technical Recruiter (expired 2 months ago)

Product Operations Manager, WooCommerce (expired 4 months ago)

Head of Marketing and Communications, WordPress.org (expired 4 months ago)

Mobile Infrastructure Engineer (expired 4 months ago)

Android Engineer (expired 4 months ago)

Search Engineer, Tumblr (Content Discovery) (expired 4 months ago)

Matrix.org Engineer (expired 4 months ago)

Senior Quality Engineer (apply by February 28th) (expired 4 months ago)

Mobile Growth Engineer (expired 4 months ago)

API Software Engineer (Mobile) (expired 4 months ago)

Senior Product Designer (expired 4 months ago)

Happiness Engineer (expired 4 months ago)

Product Data Analyst – Mobile (expired 5 months ago)

Senior Technical Product Manager (Feeds & Recommenders, Tumblr) (expired 5 months ago)

Partner Marketing Manager (expired 5 months ago)

Senior Technical Product Manager (Feeds & Recommenders) (expired 6 months ago)

Senior Software Engineer – Tumblr (Ads Products) (expired 6 months ago)

Senior Mobile Engineer (Android or iOS) (expired 6 months ago)

Senior JavaScript Engineer (expired 7 months ago)

Senior Data Engineer (WooCommerce) (expired 7 months ago)

Senior Software Engineer – Engineering Hiring (expired 7 months ago)

Director of Technical Recruiting (expired 7 months ago)

Security Research Engineering (expired 7 months ago)

Senior PHP Developer (expired 7 months ago)

Machine Learning Software Engineer (expired 8 months ago)

Senior Business Intelligence Engineer (expired 9 months ago)

Senior Python Developer: Machine Learning Pipelines (expired 10 months ago)

Data Scientist, WooCommerce (Marketing) (expired 10 months ago)

Integrations Engineer (Matrix/WordPress) (expired 11 months ago)

Frontend Software Engineer JavaScript (expired 12 months ago)

Mobile Engineer (expired 12 months ago)

Director Of Customer Support Automattic Pressable (expired 12 months ago)

Backend Software Engineer PHP (expired 12 months ago)

Senior WordPress Engineer (expired 1 year ago)

Head Of Engineering Product (expired 1 year ago)

Systems Engineer (expired 1 year ago)

Learning and Development Manager (expired 1 year ago)

Senior Executive, Financial Planning and Analysis (expired 1 year ago)

Search Wrangler (expired 1 year ago)

Trust and Safety Wrangler (expired 1 year ago)

Machine Learning Engineer (expired 1 year ago)

Support Engineer WordPress VIP (expired 1 year ago)

VIP Enterprise Engineer (expired 1 year ago)

JavaScript Engineer (expired 1 year ago)

Code Wrangler (expired 2 years ago)

Packet Wrangler (expired 2 years ago)

Software Engineer (expired 2 years ago)

Data Engineer (expired 3 years ago)

Systems Wrangler (expired 3 years ago)

Partner Manager (expired 3 years ago)

VIP Platform Engineer (expired 3 years ago)

Director of Business Development (expired 4 years ago)

VIP Happiness Engineer (expired 4 years ago)

Creative Director, Messaging (expired 4 years ago)

Hiring Experience Wrangler (expired 4 years ago)

Director of Tax & Treasury (expired 4 years ago)

Finance Wrangler (expired 4 years ago)

Accounting Wrangler (expired 4 years ago)

Product Designer (expired 4 years ago)

Marketing Designer (expired 4 years ago)

Mobile Designer (expired 4 years ago)

Community Wrangler (expired 4 years ago)

Global Wrangler (expired 4 years ago)

Business Development Wrangler (expired 4 years ago)

Business Analytics Wrangler (expired 4 years ago)

Bizdev Wrangler (expired 4 years ago)

Technical Writer (expired 4 years ago)

Affiliate Wrangler (expired 4 years ago)

Director of Financial Planning (expired 5 years ago)

Senior Accountant (expired 5 years ago)

Marketing Data Analyst (expired 5 years ago)

Customer Marketing Wrangler (expired 5 years ago)

Product designer (expired 5 years ago)

Head of Design (expired 5 years ago)

Enterprise Growth Engineer (expired 6 years ago)

Technical Account engineer (expired 6 years ago)

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