Freelance Tea Video Creator

last updated March 22, 2023 22:05 UTC

Time zones: EST (UTC -5)

Snarky Tea is looking for a video creator who is amazing at creating high quality, visually interesting tea recipes and lifestyle content. You will be actually coming up with the recipes and filming them, so we’re not just looking for an editor.

What we’re looking for:
A video creator who specializes in creating video content (specifically reels and TikToks) for beverages or tea. This could include unique and viral-style recipes, how-tos, tips, rituals and day-in-the-life showcasing the tea, etc. We’re looking to contract out 1-3 videos per month!

Our tone of voice:
We’re a colorful, irreverant, and cheeky brand, so we want someone who can create and improve on our video content in a way that is brand-appropriate and represents our unique point of view.

Please share your links to your work that speak to what we’respecifically looking for, as well as your rates.

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