Resource Guru

HQ: London

In Brief
This is a hybrid role, combining recruitment with people operations. You will therefore need to be skilled and interested in both. You will play a critical role in shaping our most important asset – our people!
Until now, we’ve worked directly with recruitment agencies but the time has come to take the activity in-house. You will transform the way we source candidates at Resource Guru and speed up hiring dramatically while maintaining the high bar that we’ve set.
You will be proficient in people operations and be passionate about all aspects of it.

What You’ll Be Doing

  • Manage the recruitment workflow from end to end. Including defining job specs, reviewing job applications in a timely manner, screening, creating shortlists, scheduling interviews, managing offers/rejections, and giving feedback
  • Source candidates
    • Advertise positions
    • Headhunt and reach out to candidates on Linkedin etc
    • Find and manage recruitment agencies when appropriate
      • Check and sign recruiter T&Cs
    • Ensure candidates meet the high standards we have
  • Help build our brand as an employer to help attract talent, and foster relationships with candidates, agencies and current employees
  • Manage employment contracts, options contracts etc
  • Provision/deprovision people (and maintain a record)
  • Onboard people
  • Manage appraisals
  • Cultivate our remote culture and foster healthy remote working practices
  • Help increase employee happiness/engagement
  • Help conduct performance appraisals and implement appropriate systems
  • Buy gifts for employees for Christmas etc
  • Plan and manage Guru Gatherings
  • Manage coworking space/office allocation
  • Pay salaries
  • Define HR-related policies
  • Extensive experience of working as a recruiter
  • Proven track record of success
  • Demonstrable experience recruiting for a variety of different roles
  • Extremely sharp/on-the-ball
  • You are a skilled interviewer with great judgment. And you have a range of techniques to help you assess candidate suitability quickly
  • Great communicator with excellent English
  • Excellent organisational skills
  • Thorough knowledge of recruitment best practice and recruitment-related GDPR and legal requirements
  • Knowledge and experience with recruitment technologies; utilising industry leading attraction channels and job boards. Social networking to build candidate talent pools
  • ATS experience
  • Excellent negotiation skills and experience
  • Experience of and enthusiasm for people operations with the soft skills and empathy required for this part of the role
Nice to have
  • Experience of working in tech startups/software companies
  • Experience of recruiting for technical roles, eg software engineers
  • Experience in the non-recruitment aspects of the job, eg managing contracts, onboarding etc, are not essential but are highly desirable
  • Project management experience
  • A great salary + bonuses
  • Stock options
  • Work from anywhere you like (with at least 4 hrs overlap with GMT business hours) – coworking space will be provided if necessary
  • 33 days paid holiday per year (including any public holidays). In addition, birthday day off and house move day off
  • Flexible hours
  • Monthly exercise contribution – but use it for anything you like
  • Pension contribution
  • Work for one of the UK’s most successful startups
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