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We’re looking for an experienced supply chain manager to ensure a reliable and efficient product supply and expand our global network of air quality and climate monitoring devices. Clarity sells low-cost devices that measure the environment and pollution in the air. These devices relay data into a global network that monitors air quality to solve big health and climate challenges. Your work will help bring cleaner air to the world.

We’re looking for a friendly and competent problem-solver with good communication and organizational skills to help us bring our manufacturing operations, supply chain and logistics system to the next level and make a difference in the world.

The Company
Clarity is a globally distributed organization with headquarters in Berkeley, CA. We are empowering the world to reduce air pollution. We do that by making it possible to measure and understand air pollution issues and then take action.

Today, when cities or industrial facilities want to measure air quality, they have to spend a lot of money on expensive equipment, installation and maintenance – to get the accurate data needed to attack air quality problems.

Clarity has a better approach. With many low-cost devices spread over a geographic area, our customers can perform hyper-local monitoring where information is relayed into the cloud and then flows into web based tooling to drive analysis and decisions.

We envision a world where novel sensing technology, IoT and cloud computing simplify air quality measurement, enabling cities and industrial facilities to scale up the number of monitoring sites and take data-driven action. Our Sensing-as-a-Service solution for air quality is currently deployed in over 60 countries and is changing how municipalities and industrial facilities approach air quality.

Our Team
We are a diverse group of engineers, scientists, makers and business people – motivated by doing something good in the world. We have software engineers around the world and a hardware team centered in Berkeley. A customer success team, also geographically distributed, supports our customers now spanning 6 continents. We cooperate with a contract manufacturer and a logistics partner both in Taichung, Taiwan and a network of suppliers in Taiwan, Hongkong, China and the US.

On a given day, a supply chain manager at Clarity might be…
  • Supporting the hardware team in introducing a new SKU to mass production
  • Overseeing a manufacturing build happening at our contract manufacturer’s site
  • Sourcing key components on the spot market and negotiating their price
  • Running custom clearance procedures to deliver devices to customer all around the world
  • Curating a rolling 12 months forecast to ensure that our inventory is well stocked
  • Improving our processes for producing and refurbishing devices more efficiently
  • Optimize BOM and logistic costs to improve margins on core device and add-on modules
You are experienced and have been in charge of a company’s overall supply chain and logistics strategy and operations before. You can collaborate effectively with other departments to discover issues and propose improvements to positively impact the overall company processes. You have a quantitative mindset and know how to establish performance metrics for evaluating factors impacting the supply chain.
You are able to maintain the required quantity of supplies and materials to ensure a reliable product supply while reducing costs and unfavorable cash flow. Through your experience and the information you collect from internal and external stakeholders, you are able to support the development of a reasonable demand forecast and budget for inventory. You can take decisions based on incomplete information.
You know how to interface with the product development team, acting as an advisor that provides guidance on design based on material availability and cost.

You are good at building relationships, especially with our contract manufacturer, suppliers and distributors. You have excellent communication skills and can effectively communicate and write in English and ideally in Mandarin Chinese.
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