Senior Software Engineering Consultant (FT or contract)

last updated June 10, 2021 15:00 UTC

Cloud City Development

HQ: San Francisco

Cloud City is looking for great engineers who are also great consultants. Over the past 15 years we’ve built a brand that represents the highest quality in software engineering and design consulting, and we’re looking for talented people who will uphold that legacy and maintain our stellar reputation. We’re proud to have served clients that do work that aligns with our values, across industries including health and wellness, nonprofit and education, fintech and high-techs.

Ideal candidates will have great communication skills and the ability to build meaningful relationships with our clients. You’ll be expected to work with people from all backgrounds and get the information you need to drive a project forward. Clients should love working with you.

We have both subcontract-to-hire and full-time positions available. Our commitment to work-life balance means full-time employees work 35 hour weeks.

What we expect from our engineers
  • Ability to dive into a large polyglot codebase and contribute as you learn
  • Being okay with the uncomfortable feeling that comes from learning new things
  • Interest in exploring new programming paradigms, languages, and patterns
  • Demonstrable ability to research problems and break them into discrete parts
  • Good communication with clients and the ability to build a relationship
Skills you should have
  • Ruby on Rails &/or Python
  • React and Node JS
  • Git/Github
  • CLI/terminal usage
Types of roles we staff (senior generalists with various mixes of):
  • Frontend Engineering
  • Backend Engineering
  • DevOps & Infrastructure (Jenkins, Circle CI, Kubernetes)
Preferable experience
  • Working on multiple projects across industries
  • Working cross-functionally with product managers, designers and other engineers
  • Modern agile practices – pair programming, TDD, CI/CD, etc
  • Consulting or working as a freelancer
  • (nice-to-have) Leading a software development project
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