Software Engineer (Python/Django, Javascript)

last updated January 28, 2020 15:31 UTC


HQ: Newport, RI

  • Full-Time
About You
  • Experienced with code review, TDD, and Agile/Kanban (-ish) management and communication in a professional software development environment
  • Experienced with all (maybe most) of: Django, Django-Rest-Framework, React, Linux, Docker, Kubernetes, Datadog or New Relic, AWS or similar
  • Familiar with major philosophical treatises from the likes of Uncle Bob, Martin Fowler, and the Gang of Four
  • When the servers catch fire and the no-one’s heard from the west coast AZ for an hour because the code YOU wrote melted the actual wires that the internet needs to function, you are the calm, warm little center that the life of this world crowds around.
  • Tackling scaling challenges in code, systems and teams is your idea of a good time.
The Benefits
  • 100% remote team with HQ in Newport, RI
  • 401K + Match
  • Subsidized health insurance
  • 3 weeks mandatory vacation
  • Annual conference stipend
  • Top of the line equipment of your choice
About Us
Our team has humble ambitions.
We’re a bootstrapped, remote-first company currently doing our work in 11 different US states and on 3 different continents. You’ll interact with our team from their co-working spaces, home offices, coffee shops, kitchen tables, and back porches. Most of us have families with kids (the human and furry kind) at home.
We all have vibrant passions outside of marketing technology and eCommerce.
We believe that putting in a hard days work means getting to spend time with our kids after 5 PM. We don’t stress about answering email on the weekends. We’re not out to "take the market" or "hustle till’ we die", or any of the other BS venture-backed startup people say to rally the troops.
Without question, we go above and beyond to deliver for our clients and strive to build world-class technology, but we reach for these goals in a way that supports healthy lives, marriages and relationships outside of the company.
Our vision has always been to build a sustainable, profitable company that enables the smartest email marketers and technologists on the planet to live life on their own terms.
Our company exists to provide freedom to those people, as much it exists to help our customers find success.

OK, what do you actually do?

Rejoiner is used by mid-market online retailers to power triggered messaging throughout their customer journey. The technology currently focuses on delivering email marketing that facilitates the ideal customer experience, as well as producing measurable incremental revenue. Our approach is unique in that we pair our own proprietary technology with a high caliber email marketing agency. Our agency folks are responsible for ensuring that our clients get the most of their investment in the platform and that their email marketing pushes the limits of what end users can experience in the inbox.

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