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HQ: London

Creditspring is on a mission to improve the financial stability for 40% of the UK population. Our innovative consumer credit product offers interest-free loans in exchange for a small monthly membership fee — a safety net against the risk of high cost short term borrowing.

We are looking for a smart and driven Software Engineer candidate excited to change consumer credit for the better, one amazing feature at a time. We work on a modern yet stable event-driven tech stack in Ruby/Rails deployed to Heroku. We love what we do, and we bake quality into our development process to make sure product and tech co-evolve to support our goal of growing our customer base 10x in 2021.

Engineering at Creditspring is a fully remote team; we did not start as a remote first company, but COVID accelerated our remote work practices. We are constantly improving our collaboration to make sure you can deliver your best work; we write everything down on Basecamp, we meet often to shape our company culture, and we set team goals frequently so we are always aligned.

What you will be doing day-to-day

  • Shipping new exciting features working with a small multi-disciplinary team.
  • Providing pragmatic recommendations on the best technical tools for the job.
  • Taking data-driven decisions together with the team.
  • Working as a full-stack developer knowing when it is the right time to delegate to a specialist for help.
  • Contribute to our architecture building on top of our Event Sourced system.
Upcoming projects
Ship new features in our Stability Hub
We want to help Creditspring members improve their financial stability and the Stability Hub is our solution to help people go from debt to savings without stress and without taking more debt than necessary. Last year we developed our proprietary Stability Score, and we started collecting Open Banking data that we can now turn into insight for our customers. We just started this journey, and 2021 will be a big year for the Stability Hub.

Scale up our API
We have ambitions to onboard lots of new partners this year via the API in 2021 but with bigger volumes comes bigger challenges. We want to make sure we convert users who click out to us, that we can handle the spikes in traffic, and that the tracking is as good as it can be so we can design experiments to improve the conversion of this channel.

Application journey and email automations
Our application journey started simple and we wanted to keep it like that. No one wants to go through an infinite set of screens to get a loan. On the other hand, we want to make sure that our customers can afford the loans and that we took all the necessary precautions to be a responsible lender. This is why working on it is so challenging and rewarding; with many moving parts and lots of data at your disposal you will be designing experiments to improve the conversion rate, and open up to a bigger set of customers.

Tech Stack

Ideally you have experience in Ruby/Rails, or you have strong motivation to jump and excel in the Ruby/Rails ecosystem. Ultimately proving you have experience building high-quality software working as a team is what we are looking for.

Languages / Frameworks: Ruby (2.7 currently), Rails (6 currently), RSpec (3 currently), JavaScript (Stimulus), Bootstrap
Infrastructure: Postgres, Heroku, AWS, Redis
VCS / CI / Software Quality: Github, CircleCI, Rubocop, Simplecov, Rollbar, New Relic
APIs: Gocardless, Sendgrid, Mixpanel, Equifax

About you
  • You are driven by a passion to solve real user problems in a technically elegant way.
  • You know that Agile is a mindset and not a set of tools.
  • You trust automated testing to guarantee the quality and maintainability of what you build.
  • You have your own set of trusted open-source tools.
  • You keep yourself up-to-date following tech blogs and reading books.
  • You take a pragmatic approach to software development.
  • You have a good collection of production war-stories to share.
About us
  • Our open report on Financial Resiliency in the UK
  • A quick introduction to our event-driven stack
  • We care about continuous learning and improvements. We offer a generous training budget of £1500 for conferences, courses and books. We make time to celebrate the good work done every sprint and think about how to improve as a team for the sprints ahead.
  • We have been featured in Which as one of the best alternative credit providers
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