Shopify Website Tester (for eCommerce brands)

last updated January 27, 2023 18:52 UTC
Agency looking for freelance user testers to join our professional tester panel. Your responsibility will be to run five minute user test videos from mobile and desktop, for eCommerce/Shopify store owners.

We give preference to US/Canada and UK based testers, but you can be anywhere so long as you meet our other criteria.

Follow the application link to apply – you will be asked to complete a 2-3 minute user test video telling us about yourself and giving your impressions of Shopify store. Make sure you complete all steps in one sitting.

You will be asked to give your impressions of the website over a screen recording, as you navigate the website. The client will select from a list of test templates made available to them and from this template the testers are provided with instructions.

– You should be comfortable with online shopping and navigate eCommerce websites
– Excellent diction required. Must be native English or almost
– Be able to follow instructions (detail oriented)
– Be able to clearly communicate your impressions and ideas as you navigate websites (without ”umms”, long pauses).
– Be community oriented (our testers are connected in a Slack community, supporting one another)
– Be growth oriented – we look for testers to be advancing their skills and comfort level so we can unlock different levels of service for our clients.

As an User Insights tester, you can expect test volume to grow week over week. Test volume depends on internal ratings, client ratings and responsiveness (the faster you reply to test requests the more tests you will receive).

Testers are paid $5-$8 per 5 minute test. Entry level testers are paid $5/test until they’ve submitted 40 user test videos. Pay out per test increases with volume. Testers are paid monthly via Paypal.

Apply info ->

To apply for this job, please visit

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