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last updated May 4, 2021 16:08 UTC

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HQ: London, UK

Mental Health Technology Start-Up – Senior Ruby Developer

We need an excellent Developer to join our growing team at a very exciting time!

We’ve developed our MVP and are looking for someone with the skills to take us to the next level by engineering greenfield products, working on new projects, and building our permanent / in house tech team.

You’ll be a founding member of our company and we’re offering an equity package (between 1-2%) in addition to a competitive salary as you’ll be a vital part of our team. We are true believers in Tech for Good and are all very passionate about what we do, we need someone who shares our ethos and beliefs.

Our challenge and the problem we’re trying to solve is:

  • 1 in 5 GP appointments are for non-clinical needs e.g. loneliness, debt, unemployment

  • 80% of our health is determined by social factors

  • The NHS is investing £BNs into "social prescribing" to connect patients to non-clinical services e.g. Age UK, but lack the systems to deliver this successfully

You’ll be joining a team of very friendly and incredibly smart people who are dedicated to seeing our mission realised!

The ideal candidate will have experience:

  • Developing with Ruby and ROR for 3+ years

  • Building live, production applications

  • Integrating 3rd Party API’s

  • Working in a cloud-based environment – preferably AWS

  • Working with SQL, React, JQuery

We’re working remotely at the moment but we will be moving into a Hybrid / Clubhouse environment around the London office when things return to normal.

If you’re interested in having a conversation with them, please get in touch with Harry Tingle at and we’ll set it up!

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