Product Designer for No-code App Builder

last updated January 11, 2020 20:21 UTC


HQ: London

  • OFF: Europe Only
  • Full-Time
Our Mission

We’re on a mission to let anyone create software, by building a platform to let you build apps without code. We want to change the way software is built. That’s a pretty big task, and we’ve got some exciting problems.

About the role
If you’re a MULTI-SKILLED PRODUCT DESIGNER (UI+UX+Product), come and help us design a modular product that empowers non-developers to build the software they need.
– You’ll be creating a flexible design system that we can be customized by the user and still look great.
– You’ll be taking common web features like news feed and messaging, and stripping them down to their most pure form so they work in any app.
– You’ll be designing a set of modules that let non-technical users feel empowered and able to create amazing, innovative apps.
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