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HQ: 100% remote

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  • Programming
  • Full-Time
We are building a web application for a mass audience. Our application runs with:
  • NodeJS
  • ReactJS
  • Apollo – GraphQL
  • Typescript
We’re also using Bootstrap4 for the design, FontAwsome and a number of other handy tools.

We’re looking for smart, creative and energetic developers. The project is young. It works and already has an audience, but there’s plenty to build. We are now at about 10% of the complete design. If you join, you’ll be in the founding team and get to make many of the architectural decisions that will remain for years.

Our project is a social network, which actually connects people in the “real world”. We’ll use machine learning to build smart networks and connect people with shared mindsets.

We offer an exciting work environment for people with a startup mentality.

Your responsibilities
As a member of the founding team for this new service, your responsibilities will be wide. We are looking for a developer who can write excellent code and also manage the near-term goals.
  • Convert high-level requirements into software development tasks
  • Maintain the weekly and monthly development plans, to reach the product milestones
  • Write and test your own code
  • Implement automatic tests
  • Follow an organized Git flow
  • Deploy the system to AWS
  • Work with our designer to produce a beautiful product
  • Work with our support team to handle client issues in real-time
  • Work with management on realistic goals and milestones
About us
Our team is entirely distributed. You can work from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a solid Internet connection and convenient work setup (no interruptions and quiet setting to get work done).

This is a new project in an established company. We’ve been profitable for many years, we don’t depend on VC funding and we have hundreds of thousands of clients. We have team members from all around the world.

Preferred location
Even though we are fully distributed, we prefer to work during the day and be off in the evening. Our entire development team is in Europe, so this position is only available for developers in European timezones.
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