Mindset and Performance Coach

last updated January 7, 2020 14:34 UTC


HQ: Remote

  • OFF: North America Time Zones
  • Full-Time
Clevertech is looking for what we are calling a Mindset and Performance Coach.
But let’s cut the fancy titles and be honest with one another, what we are looking for is one of the unique ones. The way life appears to you and the actions you take inspire those around you. You are a teacher, through constantly being a learner. You value self-reflection and create space for it in your daily routine. You can start a conversation with anyone, creating safety so that they can share themselves deeply with you. This is just who you are.

You are a philosopher in the style of learning how the world works, really, so that you can work the world.

What you will do:
We want to help our people grow. And while mastery requires a certain amount of innate ability, there is much that can be gained through a useful mindset and relevant practice.

You will coordinate our mindset and performance training systems, both practically and creatively to share your gift with our employees, innately inspiring them to blossom as individuals and, inevitably, as employees.

Who Thrives at Clevertech?
There is a treasurer-trove of unknowns when you step into a new company. These days, so many companies are pushing cultural incentives to woo you, but it is hard to know what is just talk and what is reality. At Clevertech, we believe that setting accurate expectations is one key to your happiness here- we don’t want to be the hot date who ends up having no personality. So from a fellow employee, here is what it is like to work at Clevertech:

Clevertech is fast-paced. Now, when many people hear that they think their job ruling their life. However, we take a more literal approach to the term ‘work-life balance’. We don’t want this job to rule your life, but we also love engaging our brains in meaningful, challenging work. Therefore, we aren’t the office that plays with puppies and ping-pong tables either. We are somewhere in the middle. We want to work hard during the eight-hour workday, then we want to be able to engage with our families, friends, communities, and hobbies at wherever we find ourselves in the world.

Now I know you are wondering how we do this as a 100% remote company. In one sense, remote work is central to how we do this, the freedom to not commute, to live in a place where your hobbies run free, or by people you love even if its in a small mountain town. In another sense, it may appear as if the remote nature challenges these tenants, which is where the right employees come into play. Clevertech is passionate about communication being the key to engaging employees in serious work, which works like a well-oiled machine when we have employees who are looking for a place to engage their passion and their intellect in meaningful work.

So if that is you, then it looks like we are a fit. We can’t wait to read your interesting application.

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