Inbound marketing manager (B2B)

last updated October 22, 2020 7:28 UTC


HQ: Jakarta, Indonesia

  • OFF: Anywhere (100% Remote) Only
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Full-Time
We’re a professional services firm specialized in working with companies doing business in emerging markets. We work with companies from all around the world and help them expand to countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, the Philippines, etc.

As a marketing manager you will be in charge of running campaigns targeting both our existing audience and generate new leads and subscribers.

We expect you to have strong experience in various areas of inbound marketing, especially SEO focused copywriting.

You’ll be provided guidance, access to our internal resources and we’re more than happy to discuss ideas but we don’t want to micromanage you.

You should be a strong operator, not just an idea generator. Meaning you get stuff done and are willing to get your hands dirty.

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