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Help us build meaningful software in healthcare used by doctors, patients, and researchers worldwide.
Our Company is the simple, free, and secure telemedicine solution used by over 700,000 healthcare providers worldwide. Our mission is to eliminate barriers to telemedicine like cost and accessibility, so we are constantly striving to make more accessible to everyone, everywhere. With over 350,000 telemedicine calls made through our platform every day, there are millions of people relying on us to simplify their healthcare services.
Our Culture
  • Authentic. We are sincere and care personally. We don’t let egos get in the way, getting to the right answer is more important than being right. We aren’t afraid to challenge someone directly, but not like a jerk. We focus on doing the right thing, we are the type of person who always takes the shopping cart back.
  • Bright. We use our innate intelligence, talent, and curiosity to create simple, innovative, world-class solutions to problems. We just “get it”. We are constantly seeking to increase our own brightness through self-improvement and combining our brightness with others.
  • Effective. We are hungry self-starters who will get the job done regardless of circumstances. We don’t need to be managed or told what to do. We are reliable and pride ourselves in producing high-quality, world-class results on time.
We are looking for the Engineering Manager to help us raise the bar of tech excellence and increase the effectiveness on the team and individual levels.

As an Engineering Manager, you will direct the work of engineers to ensure the best practices around software development within two cross-functional teams (up to 10 engineers in total), contributing to the process of the design and development of the application.

You will be expected to be responsible for the ongoing professional development of every engineer on your team. The role of the Engineering Manager is to support individuals, and your goal should be to enhance product development through the excellence of those on your team. You will be the primary point of contact for them to come to with any difficulties that they are facing.

While you aren’t expected to spend a large percentage of time coding, you are expected to be able to evaluate and raise the technical bar and help others attain it. You will play a part in engineering, design reviews, code reviews, and will contribute to the code base directly when needed. You lead by example rather than authority.

What will your impact be?
Individual level

  • Mentor and guide engineers to achieve a high level of quality, reliability and productivity
  • Help engineers to develop careers based on their skill levels, personalities, work styles, and with respect to business goals
  • Provide continuous feedback, assess performance, address underperformance, and recognize the individual strengths and contributions of your team members
Team level
  • Ensure that the team reliably delivers high-quality products and solutions by following engineering best practices
  • Instill a spirit of continuous improvement in the team’s code, architecture, and processes, enforce technology standards
  • Identify the need, hire and onboard technical staff within your teams
Organization level
  • Help drive engineering-wide initiatives with the rest of the technology team
  • Contribute to the talent philosophy management framework
Our Expectations
  • Solid engineering background and ability to develop code using modern Javascript tech stack (Reactjs/nodejs/next.js/etc)
  • Strong technical judgment on engineering architecture and product decisions
  • Proficient in mentoring engineers of all experience levels, capable of identifying an individual’s areas for improvement
  • Innate desire to help engineers learn new skills and advance on their career path
  • Proved experience managing one or more engineering teams at a time, 8-12 engineers in total
  • Experience being a hiring manager for software engineering roles
Quick Info
  • Benefits:
    • A fun, flexible work environment (work from home or on location at one of our regional hubs)
    • Competitive Salary
    • Paid training and certifications
    • Advancement opportunities in a growing company
    • Our employees give us a 4.9 on Glassdoor
  • tech stack:
    • React, Nodejs, Typescript, WebRTC, Loopback 4, AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, AngularJS
    • 3rd party: Vonage, Pubnub, Segment, Twilio, Stripe
  • Our products:
    • The simple, free, and secure telemedicine solution currently used by over 700000 doctors worldwide and helping over 500000 patients/day.
    • Patient-focused data collection for healthcare.
    • digital adherence tool for providers and their patients.
    • Using health history to identify the risks of cancer and other diseases that run in families.
  • Our team: technologists, academics, researchers, and innovators from all over the world. English is the language used in all internal communication.
  • To ensure HIPAA compliance we perform background checks after extending a job offer.
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