Senior Full Stack Django Python Developer

last updated February 11, 2021 21:13 UTC

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HQ: Manhattan Beach, CA

Minimum Requirements:

  • 5+ years’ experience developing large scale web applications in Python/Django.

  • Experience in multiple software development languages, frameworks, and database systems. Core expertise required is Python/Django, PostgreSQL, REST and JSON, and Javascript.

  • Preferred additional experience in Vue.js, HTML 5, CSS, UX/UI markup, Nginx, Uwsgi, AWS/EC2, Sqlite3, Virtualenv, 3rd party API integration, and Sys Admin Knowledge. Extra skill-sets will make you standout and desirable.

  • Experience using Git and a thorough understanding of Agile Development, mobile and web development best practices.

  • Passionate about emerging mobile and software development concepts and technologies.

Subject Matter Expertise:

We prefer developers who have had experience on projects that incorporate at least one of the following: social media, eCommerce, online payment processing, click tracking, Data Science, distributed ledger tech, advertisement delivery, display advertising, branding and online marketing.

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