Full-Stack Developer (Ruby/Javascript)

last updated February 9, 2021 8:54 UTC


HQ: Learnlife

Team and product:
  • Platform for educators with our new paradigm applied
  • We’ve just started to work on the initial Alfa version, so you’ll be joining quite new code base
  • Some of Tech team profiles on Github:
    • Ladislav Martinčík (Product)
    • Robin Bortlík (Dev)
    • João Marcelo Souza (Dev)
    • Pavel Kolář (Dev)
This opportunity is for you if:
  • You believe that education needs change
  • You want to join a small team of remote developers (3 in CZ, 1 in Brazil)
  • You want to work on exciting solutions that will impact learners all over the world.
  • You love to learn, improve and grow
  • You would like to have a boss that really cares about you
  • You can work in GMT (EU) or GMT-3/4 time zones
  • You can speak fluent English (English is a must)
What we expect technologically:
  • Experience with full-stack web-based development
  • Able to write good Ruby and Javascript code
  • Can solve problems independently yet also in a collaborative environment
  • If you can demonstrate Open-source contributions
  • Are interested in DevOps and overall tech stack solutions
What we expect from your human side:
  • Have a compatible set of values:
    • Positive relationships
    • Empathetic collaboration
    • Growth through adventure
    • Fair communities
    • Authentic trust
  • Ability to step up and take responsibility for things and move forward
  • Able to work in the team, Blame-free culture, No-power games
  • You understand what creative conflict is and you keep your ego in check
  • You know when to be critical and when to be creative
  • Authentic self and integrated personality
  • Your integrity is strong (Think = Speak = Do)
  • Growth mindset
What we offer:
  • Autonomy and self-direction
  • Great team to relate to and work with
  • A diverse team of 10+ countries represented, variety of cultures, languages and backgrounds
  • Budget for HW and SW (needs explanation on the interview)
  • Grow you to senior level if you’re not there yet
Apply info ->

To apply for this job, please visit learnlife.bamboohr.com.

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