Senior Full-Stack Developer

last updated February 2, 2021 18:39 UTC

Breathe Education

HQ: Melbourne, Australia

About You

  • You are highly proficient not only in multiple aspects of coding, but also in strategic design of software integrations and automation, in service of a clear business goal
  • You love the challenge of learning, mastering and integrating new systems
  • When two apps don’t work together and both app manufacturers blame the other one, you deal with it and find, negotiate, or build a solution
  • You leave notes so you can remember what the heck you did in 2 years when something breaks, and you need to adjust it
  • You are able to walk a frustrated team member through a series of questions to understand their problem, clarify their desired outcome, and diagnose whether the issue is caused by operator error, misunderstanding of the app functionality, or is in fact a problem with the code
  • You’re calm and work quickly under pressure
  • You adapt, you improvise, you overcome; you make it happen
  • You’re not afraid to completely rebuild something if the benefits outweigh the costs
  • You’re able to step back and prioritise based on business needs, not who is shouting the loudest
  • You love to constantly tinker and improve things; and you test, test, test to make sure your improvements won’t break something crucial
  • You have a passion for building things that run like clockwork. Every. Single. Time.
  • You like things organised. Like your sock drawer for example.
  • When you read our values listed above you thought “that’s me”
  • You don’t rest on your laurels; you’re constantly learning and scouting for new skills and better ways of doing things as you continue to gain more mastery of your craft
  • Fluent written and verbal English is required as you’ll be communicating constantly in Slack and via Zoom

Previous Experience & Qualifications

  • At least 5 years’ experience building and maintaining web applications and complex cloud-based integrations
  • Strong problem-solving abilities e.g. how do we integrate these two applications, or automate this workflow, or speed up this process – you will have 100% ownership to find these solutions
  • You’re interested in achieving real-world outcome for the business, not just making beautiful code
  • You write readable, self-documenting code. You welcome code reviews and provide constructive criticism on other’s code.
  • You’re able to learn new systems quickly and independently
  • You have high level back and front-end programming skills
  • You have experience working with authentication and data security
  • You’re able to communicate effectively with non-techies
  • You champion best practices, such as Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, Code Reviews etc
  • You have experience with UI especially in WordPress
  • You want to work in a small team where you have ownership of your results
  • Experience with the following is highly desirable: HTML5, CSS, React, TypeScript, C#, PHP, WordPress, . NET Core, EF Core, an RDBMS, Git, cloud platforms (Azure and/or AWS), CI/CD pipelines

About the role

  • This is a full-time role 38 hours per week, commencing immediately
  • Our team are fully distributed – everyone works from home. There is no “offic
  • You’ll be employee number 24 in a fast-growing company. We need you to build out our IT capability to enable us to scale quickly.
  • You will report to the Development Manager
  • You will contribute to agile planning, where tickets from multiple departments are prioritised according to strategic goals and immediate business needs You will proactively and relentlessly maintain, tidy, tweak, and improve the speed, integration, and functionality of our systems
  • You will observe users interacting with the system, collect analytics data and interview students and staff to understand their use-cases, frustrations and weird workarounds so you can improve the systems
  • You will keep Melbourne, Australia hours so you can communicate easily with the rest of the team. Note this doesn’t mean you have to “clock on and clock off” from 9-5. You can work whatever weird hours you want, as long as you make yourself available for meetings with other team members and your leader during business hours in Melbourne Australia time, and are responsive to tickets.

Big Three Responsibilities (aka KPIs)

You will have many and varied tasks and projects, but these three things will form your primary focus and guide you in prioritising your time.

If you get these three things right, you win.

  1. Build and maintain deep integrations between multiple systems to enable scaling of our business
  2. Maintain and develop WordPress website and plugins
  3. Research, suggest and implement ways to add value to other areas of the business with automation, additional system functionality or integrations

A typical week includes:

  • Build and maintain bespoke software (. NET Core, Azure, React), as well as integrations between WordPress, Infusionsoft, Totara, Amazon Web Services, Vimeo and others]
  • Optimise speed and functionality of our WordPress site
  • Weekly 1:1 session with your leader (Development manager)
  • Daily development team stand-up to orchestrate the day’s work
  • Observe staff and students using the system; liaise with department heads and frontline staff to better understand how they use the app. Learn their frustrations, their knowledge gaps and their ideal use-cases
  • Based on your insights, proactively suggest and implement solutions to improve functionality, student ease of use, and staff productivity
  • Build and maintain reports for various teams
  • Respond to tickets from staff to repair or improve the system, prioritise according to strategic goals and immediate business needs
  • Track patterns in questions or problems, communicate those patterns with the relevant team and develop processes or system functionality to pre-empt them
  • Train staff on the system so they can use it to maximise their productivity
  • Research new functionality and best practices and roll them out where they will improve productivity

How to apply

Please film a short 5-minute video addressing these questions:
  • Describe a time where you used user data to improve system functionality
  • Describe how you constantly learn and improve your own skills
  • Tell us about a time when you had to prioritise between multiple important goals
Upload the video to YouTube set to private.

Email a cover letter, your resume and video link to the address below, Cc and

Apply info ->

To apply for this job, please email your details to

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