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last updated January 11, 2022 14:39 UTC
SafetyWing (YC W18) is looking for a creative copywriter interested in building a global social safety net. This is a part time contractor role, but could turn into full-time with the right fit.
About SafetyWing
SafetyWing is building a global social safety net, including health insurance and retirement for remote workers worldwide, as a replacement for national welfare systems. If we succeed, we believe this will help ensure freedom and equal opportunity for everyone, and is one of the more important tasks of our time that no one else is working on.
Our current full team size is about 100, and we are fully distributed stretching all timezones, while headquartered in San Francisco.
Our current customers are digital nomads (b2c) and remote companies (b2b). You would help with important copywriting tasks across both customer types.
👩 💻 Your responsibilities will include
  • Helping with all types of copy needs for our team. We don’t run paid ads, so most copy requests will be for our website, insurance FAQ, and other customer interactions.
  • You’ll be both writing copy and proofreading copy written by others.
🧪 We are looking for someone who
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • World class skill level of simplifying language around concepts that seem complicated
  • Has some experience as a digital nomad / location independence
  • Has some professional writing experience, or has built a personal online following with writing
😀 We like to work with people who
  • Want to help build a global social safety net on the Internet
  • Think for themselves instead of copying others
  • Are willing to try new things, even with the risk of failure
  • Are intellectually curious and open to new ideas
  • Have strong integrity and do the right thing
🧘 What we offer
  • Fully remote work – work from anywhere on the globe on a completely flexible schedule
Find out more about us and our products at
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