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last updated May 25, 2022 4:51 UTC
We’re looking for an eager writer to join our team and grow their writing career. Your role, in a nutshell, will be helping us write and edit blogs, landing pages, social copy, etc. for our growing customer base.

How does it work?

If you’re accepted into our writer network, whenever a new content request (job) comes from one of our customers it’s automatically pushed to you and available on a dashboard.

The job will include a brief, required length, compensation details, and the deadline for submission.

If everything sounds great, you can claim the job and have it completed by the deadline. You then invoice us weekly and we direct deposit amounts owed to your bank account in ~ 2 days.

How is ContentFly different from other writing platforms and agencies?
We provide a convenient way for you, as a writer, to just write and let us think about everything else:
  • Pick from a variety of topics
  • No minimum claim quotas
  • No need to submit proposals
  • No waiting for client approval to get paid
  • In-app communication with the client if you need more details
And more!

  1. Average project duration is usually around five days (~1000 words). You can take on as many projects at once as you want.
  2. Compensation for writing ranges from US$0.05/word to US$0.10/word, and editing jobs are compensated at US$0.03/word.
  3. This is a contractor position and is freelance, you’re compensated based on the number of words you write.
  4. You only deal with us, never the actual client. So it’s hassle-free and a seamless way to make some extra money!
What’s the catch? There is none.
You get the listed compensation details; no hidden fees or payment required from you. But we do have very high standards, and one or two poor rankings or missed deadlines will affect our partnership.

Next steps in the application process are submitting your application details and including a portfolio of your best work at the link below.


“I have been a content writer with ContentFly for almost two years, and my experience has been nothing but great! They quickly resolve any questions or concerns, and are very prompt with payments.”
Raisa M

“I have been able to learn and grow throughout this process and I now have regular clients that I truly enjoy working with.”
Jaime G

“ContentFly has been one of the most inclusive and fun content writing experiences I’ve had. The work is flexible, and 99% of clients are great.”
Jennifer G

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