Confident, Courageous Rails & JS Engineer

last updated February 27, 2023 3:43 UTC
You LOVE programming. Been doing it for a long time. Can’t help build projects in your spare tiem.
You LOVE Ruby on Rails. Yeah, it’s not the most popular thing out there, but it fits your brain like hand in glove. Custom DSLs, ultra flexible, great library. It just makes you happy.
And Javascript. React, React Native, Svelte, Stimulus, and of course plain vanilla JS. So cool what you can do & how elegantly these days.
Speaking of, you LOVE simplicity. Elegantly simple is your middle name. you’re not satisfied until it has that feel, that smell of elegant simplicity. You’re not afraid to push back on requirements & be creative in coming up with a better, simpler way.
You’re confident in yourself & your abilities. You know what great looks like & you’re not easily satisfied with your own work.
What you DON’T love is red tape, politics, and dumb, complicated solutions just because no one had the courage to do better and stand up for their convictions.
If this is you, apply immediately.
What’s in it for you:
  • You’ll be able to point to exactly what you created, both features and open source projects that we release.
  • With just 4 engineers we created what other companies take armies to make, and we’ll teach you how to work this effectively.
  • You get to see how great it feels when you grant someone’s wish that mighta took you 4 minutes, but totally makes their day!
  • Salary range: up to $100k US/year.
  • 4 weeks of paid vacation per year, increasing to 5 after three years. Plus 10 holidays and 10 sick/wellness days and.
  • Wellness stipend to help pay for your gym. Exercise make you smarter.
  • We’ll pay for a laptop or other gear you need to be productive.
  • We’ll pay for an audible membership. Books also make you smarter.
What sets Simplero apart:
  • No VCs. No outside funding. No exit strategy. We do it because we love it today, and want to continue doing this in perpetuity, not because we hope to make out like bandits in the future.
  • We’re profitable and have been in business for 13 (!) years . It’s a solid, stable, proven company, product, and model, not some fly-by-night operation or risky gamble.
  • We have 2,500+ active customers who have made almost $400M using Simplero. We’re the real deal.
  • We’re founded by a developer (Calvin) who is still personally and passionately leading Product and Engineering, so you’ve got deep technical understanding and support right from the top.
  • We solve real problems for real people that they’re happy to pay us real money to solve for them. We go home each day knowing we made a difference in someone’s life.
  • We have a strong community around us, and cherish our close and mutually respectful relationships with our customers. It feels good knowing the people we’re serving.
  • We do things differently from other companies. You’ll see.
What we absolutely require:

I’ll be honest. It’s a big project with lots of moving parts, and we move fast.

This job is not for everyone. We have high standards.

But if you think you’d fit in, get in touch.

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