Community Manager for Toggl Hire

last updated November 16, 2020 18:17 UTC


HQ: Tallinn, Estonia

  • OFF: Europe Only
  • Business, Management and Finance
  • Full-Time
As part of our Growth team, you will help us develop the best test library in the world for Toggl Hire skills tests. You will take ownership of our growing community of experts who are crucial on this mission and be the driver of engagement within the community. You will define and communicate the business needs of the community app to our Product and Growth teams and see to analytics and health of the questions library.
The salary for this position is €42,000 annually. You can work from anywhere in Europe.

The role

We need your help in developing the best test library in the world so more employers would start preferring skills over resumes and make recruitment fair. To do this, we are expanding our test library with help of a community of experts and we’re looking for someone to take ownership of the community and scale it. This role requires you to be an excellent people person. You’ll be driving engagement and supporting our experts in every aspect. You’ll also need mean project management skills as you’ll be the link between the community and rest of the team, communicating the business needs of the community to Product and Growth teams. You’ll monitor the analytics and health of the questions in the test library to constantly improve the quality.

About you

You will succeed in this role if you are excellent at communicating in English, have exceptional problem-solving skills, and are comfortable with wearing many hats at once. You should be self-motivated and able to work on the goals we have set together with minimum supervision. You should be an analytical thinker to be able to track KPI’s, analyse the health of the test library and pass this on as feedback to other teams at Toggl Hire

Excellent written and spoken English skills are a must. Proven experience with community management and remote work experience is a plus

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