Business Consultant

last updated February 12, 2020 14:12 UTC


HQ: Los Angeles

  • Contract is looking for Freelance Consultants with expertise in Startups, Finance and/or blockchain related topics.

This position is 100% remote. It provides the opportunity for motivated individuals to be on the forefront of a digital revolution. You will work for a crowd sourced, bounty driven, mediation and accreditation platform which fact checks news, press releases, and businesses.

You will not only enjoy one of the most flexible work schedules, online and from home, but also the opportunity to consult clients in creating effective, fact-based, news and media stories as well as write and create effective business plans.

You will form a very important part of our opinion based, community driven, vetting process. You’ll diligently check whitepaper’s, business plans, and news stories in search of errors or inaccuracies to help them reach accreditation and find & eliminate any potential issues which could mislead 3rd parties. With your help, we will make the startup investment and media world a safer and trusted place.
You will grow your reputation amongst your peers and you will have growth potential, which either leads you to become one of our very influential senior editor, or you may become a sought after expert and consultant to our business clients, you may even become a mediation expert resolving conflicts between parties. The possibilities and growth potential are endless and all of these possibilities are open to you within our company and our systems. Easily accessible from home, at your own flexible schedule.
Your compensation is bounty driven, you will be paid for every factual error you may find in a whitepaper, business plan or news story including press releases on our accreditation website based upon our rules and regulations.
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We are looking for:
We are looking for intelligent, fair, diligent individuals which feel very comfortable to work in an online setting. Someone who has regularly visited different discussion forums to seek help or help others and such behavior should be second nature to you. You should be able to differentiate between having a strong opinion/feeling or factual knowing a subject based upon literature review. As such you should have strong academic or legal writing skills as well as the ability to put forward arguments based on logic and factual evidence.
ChainBLX application process is open to anyone, since we are a peer driven community. Therefore, it will be the community which will be the one to accept you into the ranks of your peers.
Please register on our website to start the process at
Choose Registration Type: Bounty Hunter and provide a link to your LinkedIn profile within the application. (Please make sure your LinkedIn is current).
If you are one of the above described individuals, we look forward to welcome you on to start your interview and hopefully your onboarding.