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(Remote, Full-Time, Anywhere in the World)
(US $60-85K / year – see compensation plan details below)
Small niche companies are becoming increasingly successful in the expanding and highly differentiated marketplace we are in today. At Deep Consulting Solutions, we help these companies grow big while staying effective and delivering the best to their clients by replacing their inefficient business processes with automation.
Do you want to be part of a no-nonsense consultancy that grows successful and effective businesses using business process improvement and customized software that effectively executes business tasks? Our global consulting team is looking for Business Analysts to automate business processes and restructure them for greater efficiency.

What We Do

We find niche and successful small companies who have problems running their complex internal productions as they scale. Our clients include custom manufacturers, installers, concierge medicine providers, financial services providers, and other custom/concierge service companies. Their operational processes require a lot of manual decisions and it is hard to find and train up employees to execute all these business jobs correctly. We help them lower the need to rely on employees by putting in place automation that will either entirely carry out business jobs or will instruct, organize, and monitor the employees in such a way that employees will have to carry out the least decisions, problematic employees will be quickly identified and the business will be able to produce more with fewer employees and with less management effort by the business owner. Our company carries out the entire service in house, whereby we investigate the business, evaluate it, develop new business processes that will optimize the business and then develop and implement software solutions that will execute their automated business tasks within those new processes.

Our company guarantees success of our projects to our clients – meaning that if for any reason they aren’t satisfied with the outcome, we will take down what we’ve built and give them their money back. As a result there is a very high demand for and expectation of quality from all staff. We are only looking for people who can produce high quality deliverables and get things done completely and well.

Work Process and Team Structure

Our company operates on a rigid process and employs a large variety of functional experts in the team. All projects follow a sequence in which our clients’ business operation is first thoroughly analyzed and investigated by the Business Analyst who ends up putting together a thorough analysis and and understanding of the business processes used as-is, then evaluates the business model and proposes business model improvements that can be implemented with automation and better process structuring which are then reviewed with Deep Consulting Solutions Owner and then approved upon with the client. The Business Analyst then develops highly detailed theoretical models which will be the modification of all current business processes and models with the agreed upon business improvements and automation implemented into them, that is in effect the target business model that we will be trying to achieve with our project. The target business model is then used to formulate the requirements for a software solution to be put together in order to carry out its business jobs, which is then designed by the software design team, designs are reviewed by the Business Analyst for business model relevance and completeness, and once approved, the software solution is built by our engineering team. Once a software solution is put together and vetted for its quality, it is then assessed by the Business Analyst, and implemented into the business operation – during which, the Business Analyst oversees the implementation and makes sure that the business operation experiences the necessary outcomes out of the project.
In parallel to the above, we also automate relevant accounting processes as part of this process and have dedicated Accounting Procedures & Processes Analysts on our team for that purpose, and the business analyst works closely with them to make sure the accounting processes are an exact fit and match to the business processes implemented. This is incorporated into the above process.
The project teams are kept small in order to make projects easier to organize and to ensure personal responsibility. A project team usually consists of a Business Analyst who is on a project full time, Deep Consulting Solutions Owner who reviews all top level business improvements and keeps an eye on projects quality and execution, other Business Analysts providing peer review, an Accounting Analyst who is usually part-time split between projects, two Software Product Designers who carry out functional design for the software solution and make sure that the solution operates properly and meets the requirements along our tech team which consists of many Software Engineers and Quality Assurance Engineers who usually don’t interface with Business Analysts directly but work with the Product Designers who in turn work with the Business Analysts.
What We Will Expect From You

As the Business Analyst, your ultimate deliverable will be the effectively improved state of client’s business delivered through Deep Consulting Solutions’ method. This will require of you to both thoroughly and rigorously analyze the client business as it is and to develop business process improvements that can be accomplished through automation and business process restructuring and then to ensure proper implementation of such improvements into the clients’ business both with our software implementations and with other business changes not directly connected to software. We will expect you to carry out complete and thorough analysis and make correct decisions and deliver most effectively – in short our expectations will be very high. In order to meet such expectations, you will definitely need to exercise the following at all times (the list is not exhaustive but provides the basic listing of what you will need to exercise at all times):
  • Carry our truthful, complete, and thorough analysis of the relevant situations, rigorously evaluate all the circumstances and ensure that you understand why things happen the way they do;
  • Exercise rigorous reasoning in your evaluations and business model proposals, considering all the circumstances and making sure that your evaluations and proposed improvements/business process solutions will be based on facts, aware of and work with the real circumstances of the situation and will not contain plain unjustified assumptions;
  • Exercise practical awareness in your solutions and business improvement proposals, making sure that what you propose will be practically implementable and will bring the intended result in the given situation;
  • Carry out your analysis, evaluation and modeling with a high degree of precision and attention to detail, with details being consistent throughout;
  • Exercise critical evaluation and thinking at all times with regards to your own work and the work of other people who you will either review or peer-review;
  • Communicate in effective and clear ways that will ensure that the result will be effectively accomplished not only by you but also by other members of the team in such a way that the project overall succeeds.
Generally, you will be free to decide how you structure your work, so long as you produce effective results that meet our quality standard and lead to successfully completed projects. You will be held accountable for the outcomes of your actions, and not your activities. Your given level of responsibility will be determined by your performance, which will be assessed after every project that you complete, leading to matching results in your compensation.

We have a tight business to run and our jobs require a certain commitment to results and willingness to accept responsibility for the individual actions on the part of our employees. Therefore, we require all candidates for all positions in our company to:

  • Understand that an activity by itself is useless unless it produces a useful outcome;
  • Be ready to self-organize and self-manage and make own decisions about what to do in order to deliver the result;
  • Be willing to re-examine approaches and methods when results suggest that current approaches aren’t working;
  • Be willing to endure hard work and temporary discomfort to achieve success and not expect instant gratification;
  • Approach matters rigorously and analytically;
  • Act on the above.
For this position specifically we will additionally require the following abilities:
  • Strong logical, numerical, and verbal reasoning skills to study and understand the business situation in its full context;
  • Analytical skills to discern confusing information and separate reality from false perception, ability to process large amount of information while maintaining rigorous and thorough analysis;
  • Ability to theoretically and in abstract imagine and simulate business processes in such a way that can allow you to find business process inefficiencies and refine the theoretical business process so that it will be efficient and produce results;
  • Ability for and experience of analyzing in detail business operations of the company with a complex business process, evaluating such operations, and restructuring the process and structure of such operations in order to maximize production outcome relative to resource usage;
  • Ability to create effective logical rules that will be able to govern business processes and direct business jobs to be executed correctly;
  • Practical business “common sense” that allows you to critically evaluate your own and others’ business improvement proposals and contrast it with the realities of practical business execution so as to eliminate unpractical elements and make your business processes reality-proof;
  • Effective communication skills to formulate and communicate your thoughts to the client and inside the team, along with excellent verbal and written English language ability;
The following experience will be very helpful in the job, though is not strictly required:
  • Experience in introducing automation and digital optimization to complicated business processes;
  • Experience working with or in various business industries, especially those that involve complicated custom/concierge service and/or custom manufacturing or on site install;
  • Experience working with large data sets, big info files, configurations, etc and organizing them into effective and smart structures;
  • Experience working with or in a small business;
What We Offer

  • High Performance Oriented Management
The organization is consistently and constantly managed for performance and results. High performers are rewarded. Excuses are not accepted and employees who make them are ejected. Long, unnecessary, bloviating meetings do not exist. Direct, quick and clear feedback is given on everybody’s work. The owner personally manages the business and there is little to no middle management present. If you prove yourself to be a reliable and effective employee, you will have all the necessary authority, resources, etc. made available to you in order to deliver your results.
  • Results Based Compensation
Successful projects and results you deliver serve as the basis for financial bonuses. There is a base pay, however, it is expected that team members work beyond the minimal requirements and be rewarded for exceptional results delivered.

  • Significant Room For Responsibility
You will be responsible for the strategic, long-term decisions instead of just collecting requirements from the client or preparing nonsense reports. Neither would you be having to put up a pleasant show in front of clients – you will be focused purely on generating results.

  • Work on Your Own Time
You can work from anywhere and at a time that best suits your preferences provided that you can deliver results. There isn’t a 9-6 or any other hourly schedule in place and there are no time logs made. There also do not exist any time-wasting activities and everybody’s time is respected. That being said, the amount of work that you’ll need to put in to get results will by all means make this a full time job and require a full time professional commitment from you.
  • Opportunities to Practically Develop and Enhance Your Expertise
We work with many complex and niche companies and our business improvement approach requires a deep dive and understanding of their industry in detail, which you will develop quickly. Every project will show you real and meaningful results and provide an opportunity to see how your business model improvements perform in real business.
  • Growth Within Our Organization
Our organization is dynamic, growing, and quite new. Employees who prove themselves to be responsible, effective, and motivated will have the opportunities to take increasing responsibilities as the company develops.

Hiring Process

Our candidate selection process is designed to objectively assess people’s ability to deliver. We do not have long and pointless rounds of interviews filled with hypothetical questions and we do not make decisions solely by looking at somebody’s resume. Instead, we follow the below sequence:

  1. Job Application Form.
  2. Pre-Screening Online Skills Assessment.
  3. Short Interview.
  4. Practical Test Assignment.
  5. Evaluation of the Assignment and Decision on Hire.
Compensation Plan Details
Regular Annual Pay of USD 60-85K which consists of:

  • Base Salary which is paid out every month twice per month ranging USD 48-60K annually;
  • Monthly Base Bonus where a monthly equivalent is accumulated in a bonus fund every month for the duration of the project you are working on – at the end of the project the fund is paid out – ranging USD 12-25K annually – conditional on you delivering the project successfully.
An exact offer will be given to the successful candidate upon completing the hiring process based on assessed candidate’s ability as evaluated. Above ranges given based on assumption of Middle and Senior candidate levels.
Highly effective and result producing performance can merit additional bonuses. Hired staff is regularly evaluated with appropriate adjustments to pay if applicable. Exceptional and proven staff can get higher responsibilities as the company grows potentially including management functions which will be rewarded accordingly.


Answers written directly by Deep Consulting Solutions Company Owner.
Q: Are part-timers accepted?
A: This is a big and intensive job that requires a lot of focus and must be full time. I personally have to invest a lot of my time in the new Business Analysts when they start in training and managing them and am pretty actively involved in Business Analysts’ work as reviewer and guide. Due to the lack of focus and lack of time commitment from part time staff which results in little to no effective quality production, it simply isn’t worth my time to have a part-timer even if the person works for free. I do not accept part timers. The only scenario in which part time work can occur is if you have a current full time job with a long exit period, then I can have you work part time for up to a month so you can wrap up the old job while learning this job so you could start full time fully ready.

Q: Are juniors accepted?
A: Maybe. I can only accept the junior who has a somewhat feasible understanding of what the job is and can produce at least some parts of Business Analyst’s deliverables well – e.g. detail out some parts of business logic, gather information, etc. Junior candidates still need to go through the test assignment process and be evaluated. If hired, Junior Business Analyst will work as an aide for either an Advanced Middle or Senior Business Analyst in the organization and that Analyst will have to agree to hiring the Junior candidate during the hiring process and will need to agree to responsibility over the work delegated. It is expected that a Junior Business Analyst will develop into a level close to that of Middle Business Analyst within several months of taking the job and function independently after one or two projects – with only some review from counterparts.

Raw juniors, juniors with no absolutely knowledge, juniors with absolutely no ability, etc. will not be accepted as I am simply not willing to invest the time in a zero skill person (and endure associated production problems) due to a low probability of success of such hires.

Q: Where are clients based?

A: This varies, however most clients are based in the United States of America. There are some in the United Kingdom and other markets, but US is the primary market.

Q: Does the job involve meeting clients?

A: Yes, and quite a lot of it is required for information gathering, improvement proposal validation, validation of proposed business models, planning and carrying out implementation of end solution, and overseeing continued operation after DCS’s implementation. All meetings are remote. Clients are generally flexible on meeting times – whatever can be agreed upon works – of course, their schedule needs to take priority.

Please note that there are no useless client meetings here or meetings that are designed to create client optics. All meetings are arranged only if necessary for carrying out the project. Business Analysts are not involved in DCS’s sales process in any way.

Q: Are leadership opportunities and other growth opportunities available?

A: Yes. This is a new and growing business and we are presently looking to put in place a Lead Business Analyst to lead out business consulting team in the near future – however we are not hiring directly into that role. A competent Business Analyst of high skill level and with good capability to execute, once proves him/herself on a real project, will be considered for the Lead position.
Additionally, there will be opportunities to grow into a certain niche and become a niche expert / leader. We currently are focusing on several niches e.g. concierge medicine, insurance and custom manufacturing. By gaining experience in a niche, a business analyst can become expert in that niche and in the future lead a division specializing in that niche. Finally, there are plans to in the future create productized offerings for a niche and spin them off into their own mini-businesses under the company’s main umbrella, and we would also be looking to promote our best staff to lead these subsidiary businesses when the time comes.
All the above increases in responsibility and expertise will be duly rewarded.
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