Big Data Analyst

last updated July 20, 2022 11:54 UTC

We are looking for a Big Data Analyst for a big multinational mexican company.

Hybrid work

We are looking for…

-Professionals in computer sciences, software engineering, and systems engineering.

-Experience: Software development, data science, and big data.

-Abilities: Systematic thinking, organization, client orientation, and transformation.

-Proficiency with programs such as: Tableu, Jupyter, SQL Server, PowerBI, Quick View, Azure, Python, PySpark, SQL, Scala.

Your responsabilities…

Design, Develop, and Analyze: KPIs and metrics for accurate program measurement, using multivariable statistical models, machine learning techniques, and control group definition for basic machines, punch cards, BPOs, and boosters.

-Create and develop client-facing dashboards and analytics that enable strategic decision-making through proper data flow and analysis.

-Develop and implement program tables that allow for the taking of business decisions based on consumer analysis, using visualization tools and large data sets.

-Develop and analyze business cases and projects for the leadership program in order to ensure its long-term viability and strategic decision-making through data management and analysis.

Design, Develop, and Propose: Segmentation of rewards and BPOs by client and store segments in order to increase the frequency of visits (traffic) through descriptive and predictive analytics.

-Develop and analyze error frequency metrics to assess client participation in the program and provide data for the rewards catalog.

Why is this great for you?

-Benefits above law

-Competitive salary

Nice to have:

-Determination of metrics and measurement methods for a specific program or campaign

-A list of data exploration tools has been compiled.

-Determine the merchandising and customer segmentation methodology.

-Assist in the development of data generation.

Este reclutamiento es 100% libre de sesgos, todas las decisiones son basadas en tu experiencia y conocimientos, tú eres la persona más importante para nosotros y te acompañaremos en todo momento. Tip: todos nuestros clientes buscan personas felices.

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