B2C Sales Manager

last updated December 8, 2022 0:10 UTC

About You

As our sales manager, you will train, manage, and coach a team of salespeople. You are a blend between an aggressive and knowledgeable closer, and a trusted coach and advisor.

What You’ll Be Responsible For

  • Having weekly relationship-building 1-1’s with every rep on your team; these 1-1’s should be spent in a way that focuses on fostering trust and making sure the rep is happy and has everything they need to succeed, and should not be focused on work outcomes, unless the rep would like to take the discussion that way
  • Having several weekly coaching sessions with individuals, both as a team and 1-1. Most of your time in this role will be spent monitoring your reps’ calls and providing feedback. Each of your reps should get several hours of coaching time
  • Leading your team toward hitting quota every month
  • Reporting your achievements and struggles, and sharing feedback to sales leadership, the product team, and marketing team, so we can continually improve the customer experience
  • Being prepared to report on challenges your reps are facing, why some are succeeding and some are not
  • Attracting and retaining A-players to your team

Interview Process

  • Initial Screen with our recruiter
  • Leadership interview with our team
  • Onsite
  • References
  • Offer
  • Hire
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