WWW dot WEBCOMPANYREGISTER dot COM - unbelievable!?

June 23, 2014 8:32 CEST, under technicalities category
last updated Jan 16th, 2019 22:18 CEST

The company mentioned in the title is most probably unknown to you, as it was to us. Until we have got delivered mail from them. Not an email, a standard post. Asking to register (on paper with send-back envelope enclosed) to get listed on their web pages with a premium account costing ‘just’ 877 EUR (1289 USD).

The price includes an offer of a CD-ROM with a copy of the WorldWideWeb Register shipped to us and is meant to be ‘per edition’ … as they plan to do 3 of those in a year. WOW!

This is just an ordinary hoax only using Internet to draw you in. The math is quite simple. To be profitable it must be the case that approx. every 500th or better letter reaches a person who actually signs, sends it back and pays the amount.
It is possible to search that they are in business at least from 2004 which means they must be making money somehow. And they are truly international too! We have found posts that refer about this scam coming from Sweden, Slovakia (in Slovak language) or even Australia! (link to a .pdf file).

People have calculated that in the actual terms of contract you order 3 shipments which makes it not 877 EUR but 2631 EUR (3867 USD)! There are reports of agents coming back to those who signed and sent back the form asking them to pay at least part of the amount. So the only advice here is simple - recycle this envelope!


pictures of the actual letter … click to enlarge

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