Wordpress TinyMCE insert link modification to offer ‘open in new window’ as default

June 21, 2014 9:26 CEST, under technicalities category
last updated Jun 21st, 2014 11:35 CEST

Small but important modification .. every-time you write a post or a page and insert a link using the button in the TinyMCE in Wordpress a window pops-up with a dialog to enter a link.

Example in a picture:

The target is set by default to ‘open link in the same window‘. This is quite annoying as most people usually set links to open in a new window. There seems to be no configuration relating to this particular pop-up. The place where you can change the behavior of this pop-up is in a file in your WP installation path called:


The modification to achieve the ‘open in new window behavior’ is simple. Just change the line 55 of the file in question to look like this:

<option value=”_blank” selected >{$lang_insert_link_target_blank}</option>

And this is it … your pop-up should change and look like this:

Please note this post refers to the old version of WP (2.3) however the principle should be similar with other versions as well.

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