Wassup WP plugin - how to show Today’s hits in stead of last 24 hours

June 22, 2014 23:01 CEST, under technicalities category
last updated Jun 22nd, 2014 23:04 CEST

The feature missed was within the Visitors Details sub-menu. There we wanted the system to behave differently in two aspects:

  • show the NO Spider by default
  • show only Today’s hits in stead of the last 24 hours (the information of the ‘last 24 hours’ option was confusing - as it contains the data also from the previous day)

The changes are quite easy .. modify the line 154:

<li><a href=’?page=wassup&type=nospider’>Visitors Details</a></li>

and replace the lines 344-345 with this:

if ($_GET[’last’] == “”) $last = 1; else $last = $_GET[’last’];
if ($last == 1)
$from_date = strtotime(’+1 hours’, mktime(0,0,0));
$from_date = strtotime(’-’.$last.’ day’, $to_date);

Please mind that this article refers to the specific versions of the WP and the plugins (2.3 and 1.2b). Similar principle might be applied for older or newer versions.

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